Entry #4

Trying my hand at flash again

2009-09-16 04:33:17 by Yiffmasters

Well a while ago I was working on a Krystal dress-up game. I just posted a base for the file that I was working on, If you know how to work with flash I could use some help. I wanted to animate the clothing to match the base animation. But every time I try to add the buttons for the different outfits the timing goes out of whack.


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2009-09-16 04:58:27

I saw your Krystal flash, pretty good. :]



2009-09-20 17:33:27

Well keep trying pal!


2009-09-20 17:33:49

And furries rule :3


2009-10-09 19:33:53

I am a dedicated follower to your work and you definitely have my support! You inspired me to start making flash movies.


2009-10-09 19:41:17

It's ppl like yu that make furry art an art and not just some f$%^in porn shit! anyways great artwork. keep it up. O and pm me if you get this... or come back to newgrounds, haven't seen ya in a wile.


2009-11-01 21:46:47

i cant wait for the next one


2009-11-21 20:59:06

solution: no animations.


2010-02-27 12:24:32

Welcome back.


2010-06-29 23:05:07

Furries? First of all, it's anthropomorphic, or anthro for short, it's not furries, they're not wearing costumes now are they?


2010-07-21 03:01:08

Just want to know can you make a flash of fox getting fucked by wolf?


2011-01-07 01:11:18

Hey, if you're still on NG anywhere, what you should try it having the clothing there, but keep its alpha at 0%, so when you push the button, just have a condition that changes a specific piece of clothings alpha to 100% and the other to 0%

By using alpha instead of something like Visible = false; the animation and object itself will still be all there, but I'm sure if you had enough articles of clothing, this could cause lage on very poor computers.
Good luck! Hope you end up continuing, I love your stuff ^_^


2011-03-13 10:36:54

Moar Renamon Pics x3


2011-03-22 11:11:29

I really liked your artwork, especially the Krystal animation. I'm definitely going to keep checking in. Keep up the great work!!


2011-03-27 22:49:40

I love your work, and I think that your next venture in the world of flash will be amazing!! Please, don't stop creating!!

P.S. -I also say HURRAY FOR FURRIES!! (and I also agree with wiccafreek)

P.S.S. -"Don't tell me that the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon"
(a hopefully inspirational quote that is one of my favorites)


2011-04-24 19:15:31

Men please make more artwork and flashes youre very good and i love krystal fox is so sexy


2011-10-05 20:27:48

Are you dead?


2012-02-26 16:47:41

Dude are you still working?, you have been inactive for long time..