Yiffmasters update

2008-07-23 12:16:26 by Yiffmasters

Just a quick up date for the few people who watch me on Newgrounds...

Well I have not had a lot of free time lately to work on any type of new flash animations. I am working long hours at work and the bills keep piling up. It looks like there is no end. All of this work is starting to stress me out and I need to come up with a lot of money so I am looking for a second job right now.

I still have plans on adding more animations to newgrounds but I want to make them interactive so I will have to play around with the program more.

I am still waiting for FA to come back... They are updating there server

Some people wanted to see a flash slide show of my artwork so I may have to work on that as well.

till then enjoy this pic of Kilala or Kirara...what ever you want to call her. =3

Yiffmasters update


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2008-07-23 12:31:40

Well, good luck getting a second job. I don't even have 1 yet.
And I love the pictures.


2008-07-23 21:40:01

Hey, how much experience you have on your drawings?


2008-07-25 20:50:58

nice pick


2008-07-29 18:30:49

I do like kilala...
You should make it a quiz instead of a slideshow.
Slideshows usually get blammed because their not interactive.
I rely wish i could help with your financial predicament but alas, here I am a lowley 16 year old siting in a tin can... far above the world... with no money.
Like I always say I'm a huge fan of your work and am always happy to see it.
Good luck to you yiffmasters.


2008-08-02 23:06:13

Hope things get better for you so you can continue on your flashes, can't wait till the next one. :D


2008-08-06 10:32:39

Good Luck!


2008-08-15 15:43:27

sexy and coy what I like in a pic.


2008-08-27 10:06:48

Dude its been FOREVER since you made a submission! You have super awesome skill but maybe a submission every month or so might be good?!

Yiffmasters responds:

Your telling me... I know it has been forever. I have so may animations that I want to make too. I am now working two jobs. So I no longer have any free time to make animations.


2008-09-25 01:54:55

i don't want the cake at the end of the experiment dude i love your work not to be a perv but u no somertimes u need a jumpin your pants anyway i want you to make a starfox one with falco and kat since you aready made a krystal one


2008-09-25 21:01:20

Are you alright man?
You deleated all your reviews and curled up into a ball of nonexistance...
I was worried... I still am... :"|


2008-12-13 02:39:04

1 year later no new updates


2008-12-22 14:14:01

i'm guessing he left newgrounds for good since he hasn't made a news post for a long time.....


2008-12-30 14:17:04

chill guys...like all famous artists he has a life too...give him some time to adjust...


2009-01-01 06:05:00

lol are you like obsessed with beastiality? lol im not saying you flashes are bad but you know.

Yiffmasters responds:

Nope no beastiality for me. Its just my art style.


2009-01-07 02:05:21

omg, ur back dude nice, i have been wating and made my page a yiff pic page with my friend.


2009-01-12 11:37:08

Hentai flash shouldn't have a plot.


2009-01-22 17:55:06

wow tht is hot!!very nice ass indeed


2009-02-22 13:52:30