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Yiffmasters come back to Newgrounds.

2008-05-17 14:23:36 by Yiffmasters

Well for those of you who don't know I am a adult furry artist. I am teaching my self-how to make flash animations. I am mostly on Fur Affinity but I did setup an account here on Newgrounds to get some more feedback on my animations and to learn from other flash artist some tips on how to use the program.

Well after posting my first 4 animations I noticed that there is a few people who may be into furry artwork. Some people left negative comments about my artwork and anthro artist in general. I am glad to see that Newgounds has removed all the negative comments.

That's the reason that I post most of my animations as adult so I would hope that most people would be mature and leave helpful comments but then again this is still the internet and full of some stupid people.

So to those who do like my artwork thanks for your support. I will continue my little Yiff experiment longer and start posting more adult furry animations and games.
If there is, something that you would like to see more of please let me know. I already have plans on making more Okami animations. And I will also make some pokemon animations featuring my anthro pikachu.

What type of artwork would you like to see from Yiffmasters?


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2008-05-17 14:31:17


Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks =3


2008-05-17 14:42:18

you are one of my manny idols Mr. Yiffmasters.
your work is a shineing light in the putred stink cloud that is all the other furry flash on NG.

and I would really like to see more flashes with Krystal

Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks alot I will be working on some starfox and krystal animatons also.


2008-05-18 12:01:36

Awesome! Nice to see ya back man! :D

Hey I have a question. If I said it before. Do you do requests?


2008-05-19 10:31:18

Nice work so far Yiffmaster, I hope you decide to stay a very longtie here at newgrounds. If I may make a request could your next yiff game include Amy and Sonic please. TY for being here at newgrounds :D


2008-05-26 12:57:56

nice work!i looked at ur flashes and they are(Godly)pro
but i feel sad because its only u working on long furry flashes
sooo when i get better could i help?
(Check My UserPage)


2008-05-27 18:00:54

and mabey some full length movies and not just loops... yeah...


2008-05-27 18:30:52

I love your art its so good mayby you could do a nother krystal movie

Yiffmasters responds:

I am still planing on making one.


2008-06-01 10:57:20

Your work in the animation is very good, I congratulate you for that. But I have a question:

I heard that some animators draw the characters before putting them to Flash. Have you ever tried it, or you have not tried yet?

Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks for the comment I do make my artwork in a different program and then import them into flash. I can not draw with flash tools very good. I am glad that you like my artwork.


2008-06-02 18:44:03

I recommend you use FreeHand Adobe or Ilustrator to redraw in the computer (by parts to avoid problems), then painting in Flash or another program, and then you can make an animation .

Yiffmasters responds:

I am using llustrator right now. I do not have a copy of freehand but I do have PS 7.0


2008-06-02 19:40:42

PD. Some times I help the people. Some Times


2008-06-03 00:35:05

do you have plans for a sonic yiff flash anytime soon?

Yiffmasters responds:

Yes I do have plans on making a sonic Yiff animation also. But I am not sure when I am going to start it.


2008-06-04 03:33:24

make more pokemon and starfox flashes!


2008-06-12 09:07:40

MORE OKAMI!!! MORE OKAMI!!! Your art is among the best I have seen on NG, ESPECIALLY the Okami stuff!! You have like, the perfect depiction of Ammy I have seen yet!


2008-06-14 10:23:47

So I think you already have everything needed for your projects in flash. Good luck.
PD.: Ilustrator is FreeHand but now is Adobe, no macromedia


2008-06-24 03:54:46

Brilliant work man. Make some more please. You havnt made anything lately and most fo the other furry is crap on NG :P (compared to you anyway). COME BACK ='(!!


2008-07-16 00:14:12

Keep up the great work!!!


2008-09-23 18:03:36

im not usually a yiff person.. but you MAKE IT ROCK!!


2008-10-15 01:33:41

Fantastic games.I like u.


2009-02-22 13:54:08

keep your work a coming cause i love it. We need more fur on Newgrounds


2009-03-14 00:57:57

Ay nice artwork keepem comin on newgrounds they badass.


2009-04-01 19:31:46

i think your artwork is great! i am thinking geeting to drawing like you :) and as for artwork id like to see i would like... okami. do you have a yotube channel?


2009-04-01 20:48:59

i love ur art work, u should make a tutorial for people who want to start drwing with the same style as you :)


2011-06-06 11:07:08

hey im Abooksigun. im a fellow fur from the lone star state. i just started viewing your work and am very impressed.i was wondering if you post on e621 as well.