Well a while ago I was working on a Krystal dress-up game. I just posted a base for the file that I was working on, If you know how to work with flash I could use some help. I wanted to animate the clothing to match the base animation. But every time I try to add the buttons for the different outfits the timing goes out of whack.

Working on a new flash project

2009-02-09 22:29:21 by Yiffmasters

I am currently working on a new flash game. Its a dress up game featuring Krystal I have included a sketch below for you to enjoy for now. Staytuned more to come.

Working on a new flash project

Yiffmasters update

2008-07-23 12:16:26 by Yiffmasters

Just a quick up date for the few people who watch me on Newgrounds...

Well I have not had a lot of free time lately to work on any type of new flash animations. I am working long hours at work and the bills keep piling up. It looks like there is no end. All of this work is starting to stress me out and I need to come up with a lot of money so I am looking for a second job right now.

I still have plans on adding more animations to newgrounds but I want to make them interactive so I will have to play around with the program more.

I am still waiting for FA to come back... They are updating there server

Some people wanted to see a flash slide show of my artwork so I may have to work on that as well.

till then enjoy this pic of Kilala or Kirara...what ever you want to call her. =3

Yiffmasters update

Well for those of you who don't know I am a adult furry artist. I am teaching my self-how to make flash animations. I am mostly on Fur Affinity but I did setup an account here on Newgrounds to get some more feedback on my animations and to learn from other flash artist some tips on how to use the program.

Well after posting my first 4 animations I noticed that there is a few people who may be into furry artwork. Some people left negative comments about my artwork and anthro artist in general. I am glad to see that Newgounds has removed all the negative comments.

That's the reason that I post most of my animations as adult so I would hope that most people would be mature and leave helpful comments but then again this is still the internet and full of some stupid people.

So to those who do like my artwork thanks for your support. I will continue my little Yiff experiment longer and start posting more adult furry animations and games.
If there is, something that you would like to see more of please let me know. I already have plans on making more Okami animations. And I will also make some pokemon animations featuring my anthro pikachu.

What type of artwork would you like to see from Yiffmasters?